Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ok, I've never even attempted a 'tutorial' before, and I don't know if this qualifies at all - but I had a request to post the instructions for the little purse invitations I made for Ani's Birthday invitations, so this is my attempt to do that. *I still have some work to do, listing the materials and adding the Big Shot scalloped circle variation, so bear with me. The learning curve is a LONG way up for me.

Purse Card instructions:

Cut cardstock in half width wise, leaving two 5.5”x8.5” pieces. Using your 12" trimmer with the scoring blade, score in the middle and fold.
You now have a standard A4 card – 4.25”x 5.5” (fits in a medium envelope)
I used Stampin' Up! Rose Red cardstock here.

On the NON folded edge, mark off ¾” on both sides. Using the scoring blade on your 12" trimmer means no pesky lines to erase.
Using the Desktop Paper Cutter, cut from the mark to the fold, angling the cut away from the folded edge. You should have a folded edge that’s 5.5” long and a cut edge that’s 4” long.

Cut a circle of matching cardstock at 4” - again, I used Rose Red.
Cut another circle from Designer paper at 3.5-3.75” – fold them both in half. I used Tea Party Designer paper.

Attach a Clear Rhinestone brad to the Designer paper circle, near the middle of the bottom of one edge of the circle.
Set your Crop-a-dile to about 3/4" and punch two (larger) holes in the fold of the Designer paper. Thread about 11” of Whisper White gros grain ribbon into the holes. Attach the ends using some SNAIL adhesive.
This is what the "wrong" side will look like now.

Attach the Designer paper to the cardstock circle.

Attach both to the purse shape.

*Optional: cut a piece of designer paper 5” x 3.75” Measure in .75” on one of the 5” sides, cut at an angle to match the shape of the front of the purse. Attach to the card front.

Attach the rough side of a half-circle of Velcro to the inside top flap of the purse, gently press the soft side on to it. Now fold the flap down into its final position and gently separate the velcro pieces.

You can embellish any way you like - there's a million things you can do with a purse like this!!
hope this helps!

Off to can tomatoes!!

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