Sunday, January 18, 2009

365 days 15, 16 and 17

I've been falling behind a little here...
Day 15 is all about how CRAZY my schedule is! For a sahm with no job, 2 kids under 5 with NO serious lessons... I don't get how I have such a crammed week!

Day 16 Just a really fun layout I did for the SCS Friday night scraps party. The challenge was to use chipboard, metal and Val's template.

Day 17, Just another sweet picture of wee Raifey at the scrap table.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blog award!

I got this SWEET blog award from Gina
Thanks Gina!!
The rules are, list 5 addictions and pass the award to 5 other bloggers.

Addictions, easy enough to find...
1. Coffee
2. Scrapping
3. Surfing/chatting
4. Staying up late
5. Medical/mystery tv dramas

Five blogs I think are FABULOUS, also easy!
1. Jodi
2. Denise
3. Lela
4. Erika
5.and Cassie

Friday, January 16, 2009

Be my valentine

Hmmm... it feels a little redundant posting this on the CT blog and here, so I'll just post the pic and a LINK to the Bouquet of Pixels Creative Team blog. Oh yeah, I'm a lazy blogger!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 14

I wasn't sure which picture of the cat to use as my POTD - but this one shows how she's 'nested' on my scrap table, which shows how long it's been since I occupied said table... I need to get back in the swing of daily or near daily work. I'm not gettin' much done these days! Here's hoping my next photo will be of a completed page!

Day 13

Day 13 - bits, bits, bits...
My house is filled with bits! Beads, sequins, rocks, fossils, sea shells, coloured glass, ribbons, BONES (!), trinkets, sea glass, jewelry (broken or whole), stickers and miniatures... my house is FILLED with them - and all the associated bit-holders, like this jar filled with 'lucky charms' by my dd.

bits! aaarrrggh!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sweet Love and the sweet smell of VICTORY! ; )

I WON!!!
I won this FANTASTIC kit from Bouquet of Pixels!! It's from Designs by Mel and it's called "Sweet Love"
Can't wait to get going with it - I'll post my results asap!

Speed scrap, great deals and a new layout

I made this one during the AWESOME speed scrap on Friday night at Bouquet of Pixels. WOW, was that fun! I didn't know what to expect at all, but it was great fun.

For this layout, I used my NEW (sniffffff - smell that new pixels smell...) kit from BOP called "Helly's Hard Rock Mama" by Helly. There are so many fantastic designers over there, it is such a privilege to work with such fun stuff! btw, this kit is on sale for one dollar! You should go check it out.

I also used some papers and elements from a kit called "Black Xmas" by a fantastic designer, Eve Recinella. Her Friday Freebies are always lovely.

day 11

See, one of the things I do is complain about the weather FULL TIME!!! But, really, this is what we got LAST NIGHT - after two days of snow following several weeks of snow... NOT what I love about Canada. I love looking at it, playing in it and sometimes taking pictures of it... it's the fact that I have to constantly relocate it by hand that irks me.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

day 10

What a little imp - this is Raif waiting for Thomas the Train to start - with that 'you know I love you but will shred something later when you're not looking' expression. sigh. he's my boy!

Friday, January 9, 2009

day 9 - jekyll and hyde kitchen

Friday - it's self-portrait day!
Here's me in my half-ripped apart kitchen. It's only been this way for five years. Hey, I have some CLEAN wiring in my house, let me tell you!!

day 8 Papa Snuggles

"Papa snuggles!" This is the cry that we hear at 3 am! "Paapaaaaaa!!!! I waaaant Papa snuuuugles!!!" I love the fact that he cries out for his father - it's so cool that he has that kind of relationship with him. I hate to think of a child distant from his father, or a father who can't 'snuggle' his son back to sleep. I love that my dh is so devoted and kind a parent that it's HIM in there, night after night. Sigh, though I hope this phase ends soon, 'cause I like snuggles too!

day 7

Well, this is $35 I'll never get back - but if you ask Ani, it was worth it! Her new obsession is mummies and ancient Egypt so this little excavation kit was MAGIC to her. So sweet!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

365 day 6

This was an interesting moment for me. My dd is crazy for rainbows lately - keeps talking about them, drawing them, writing little books about them... When I opened the cupboard and was startled by this unlikely rainbow, I just had to take a picture. It made me think of the magic and the little pots of gold I run into every day courtesy my children and this magical, mysterious and wonderful world in which I live.

Speed Scrap at Bouquet of Pixels

Speed scrap - Friday night at Bouquet of Pixels - I have never done one of these before and I'm intrigued... I really have no idea what to expect.

Neway, if you're around come and join us at the BOP forums HERE

Monday, January 5, 2009

day 5

ok, only 5 days in and I'm already breaking the rules... today's picture is a two-parter. The one simply doesn't have the proper impact without the other.

'nuff said right?

New(ish) digi layouts

Man am I tired today! Maybe I should have chosen "go to bed at a reasonable time" as my word for the year. Too many words, I suppose.

I'm trying to catch up and post some layouts I did over the holidays. I didn't get much scrapping done so there isn't that much catching up to do!

These two are done with Sue Wood's mini kit called "Poppy Fields." I love the contrast between the sky blues and deep reds in the poppies. You can find it at Bouquet of Pixels HERE It worked so well for some snaps from Ani's 4th birthday party - and it really saved me some time since those gorgeous frames came with the kit.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

day 4

Now, this one I'm pretty disappointed about. It's a decent picture of me (RARE!) and such a lovely photo of Ani - and we're together - which almost never happens on 'film.' Sigh. It's blurry. REALLY blurry. I've tried all sorts of treatments to give it that "I meant to do that" look, but in the end, it's just blurry.

So, I've decided to be at peace with it and learn a little more about shutter speeds - much as I don't want to.

day 3

This is what I did on January 3rd, and what I do most days, SCRAP!
I had to get this in the top five for sure!!

day 2

Ok, so day two is my cats and the Tree. DH actually urged me to take this shot, which is kind of unusual; he's not normally so 'sentimental.' Very sweet of him to notice this lovely moment.

Oh, and yes my tree is still up - I only got to put it up on December 22nd so I'm stretching it as loooong as I can!

One Little Word, 365 days

That's what I've decided my One Little Word will be this year.
Some of the girls over on the SCS Scrappin' chat forums have been choosing one word to live by this year and although FINISH was in the top two, Peace won out.

I chose peace because I closed my eyes and asked myself, 'how would I like to feel right now?' - it was a no-brainer!

I spend a lot of time and energy doing things that I hope will give me a particular feeling - I scrap, I read, I write, I eat (:rolleyes:) I start creative projects of all kinds hoping that something will give me that "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...." feeling. Evenings, I put the kids to bed and stay up late, late, late into the night searching for the quiet I lack during the day. All the kid-cophony, the chatter and constant rushing takes its toll on me; I often say I'm just looking for 'down time' but I know it's more than that. I long for moments of peace without the little nattering, nagging concerns trying to edge their way into my conscious space. I wish to feel calm during my everyday life - WHILE the mayhem is going on so I can deal, calmly, WITH the kid-cophony! I can't finish things because of all the interruptions, I feel anxious when there are unfinished tasks hanging over my head... it's all a vicious cycle.

So, no trips to Tibet or forays into religion on the horizon for me, but it's peace I shall explore this year - in any way I can. Sanctuary, calm, quiescence...

So, in the course of the next year and partially in the context of the 365 photos a year project, I shall seek peace.

Here's my first photo of the year, and I jazzed it up with Rhonna Farrer's (here's her website) digi kit "Fortune" which I got from Two Peas in a Bucket
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