Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tutorial: how to make a Washer Pendant

This was one of our projects at my April Stamp Clubs, and it was sooooo easy. But there were so many people away in April, I have to post the instructions.

Here are all the things you'll need: Metal washers, circle punches (3/4" and 1 1/4"), Crystal Effects, Designer Series Paper, Sanding blocks and something to hang the washer - I'm using swivel fasteners on some hemp twine. 

Try taffeta ribbon - it looks beautiful too!

Start by punching a hole in your Designer Paper with your smallest punch. Then punch a circle around it - to make a doughnut shaped piece.

Now, adhere your circles to both sides of the washer, using Crystal Effects adhesive.
After it has dried, about 5 minutes, sand the edges around the outside and on the inside of the circle using the Sanding Blocks. Use an outward motion on the edges and a circular motion on the inside.

Now, put on a layer of Crystal Effects. Make sure it's nice and even, not too thin, and goes RIGHT to the edges. It shouldn't be too thick or too thin. Look at it from the side now and then to be sure you're covering it completely. This will take at least an hour to dry - best to leave it overnight if you can. Then, do the other side.

Finally, put the stringing of your choice and closure (if desired) on - and of course, make a lovely matching box and card!

Whoops, got to go get a picture of the card!!

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