Friday, December 18, 2009

Brown Christmas!

Here I go with the Monochromatic thing again!!! I love brown - warm, versatile, friendly. To me, Brown lends itself to clean lines and simple design, which I prefer over very busy. Brown says 'chocolate' to me - and chocolate says Christmas!!

I thought I didn't like Soft Suede when it first came out - I'm a Chocolate Chip kinda' girl. But I do, I like it!! Because of an accidental over-order of Soft Suede ribbon, EVERYONE at my workshops this year made THIS card! Luckily, everyone seemed to like it. ;o)

Kraft is a fABulous brown too. It goes with everything and brings old worldiness (yeah, that's not a word!!) with it.

So, that's my brown phase for this Christmas. Round two of I love brown is scheduled for sometime near Valentine's day!

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