Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gift bags

I've made dozens of gift bags this year, with all sorts of little treats in them. Watkins body care mini's, stamps, candy, facial treatments, Burt's Bees, even little tiny bottles of ice wine and liqueur. There are endless combinations, and I don't intend to show them all, but each one is personal and has been so fun to put together!

Check out the little stamped tea lights in these packages.

In addition to the chipboard clipboards and post-it pads, I added a couple of sweet little stamped candles. They are very fragrant and add a nice touch. They take about 30 seconds each to make - so easy! I just stamped on tissue paper, cut it out to a rough circle, punched a hole in the middle for the wick to go through and heated them up with a heat tool. No problemo.

What I've discovered about stamped tea lights is that the tissue does not burn when you burn the candle. However, if you let this version burn all the way down, the little plastic dish melts. Gaack! I wish I'd realized that before I put these all together. sigh.

Anyhoo, what fun I've been having!!

I have pictures to post to demo the stamping on candles and marble coasters, as well as the post-it pad holder. Tomorrow? Here's hoping!

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