Friday, July 3, 2009

My little four-leaf clover; July 3rd

Here's a very cute picture of Ani - in her sparkly gold dress and crown (which she never leaves the house without anymore - in fact when admired, she will often volunteer the statement "No, it's not my birthday, I just like to look good!" ... but I digress...)

and her FOUR LEAF CLOVER collection.

Now, since I took this picture she's found a couple more - we're up to 15 'good ones' (you can see 12 in this picture) and 25 over all since May. Seriously, 25 four leaf clovers! How many have YOU found in your lifetime? Me? One. She has found them all over the city - on boulevards, in school yards, municipal parks and medians... she can just glance down at the ground and TA DA! It's really an amazing talent.

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